America’s wild lands are under threat. If we don’t act, our children and grandchildren may never have the opportunity to experience them.

 There are thousands of islands off the coast of Maine, but only a few hundred undeveloped islands remain that provide critical habitat for nesting seabirds and seals.  Conservation ownership and management of the wildlife resources is keeping Maine's wild legacy intact for now, but the island habitats face constant threats - some as direct as declining budgets and others as subtle as warming waters that are reducing the our seabirds’ food supply and rising sea levels are swallowing their habitat.

These islands directly benefit all of us: business people, birders, boaters, fishermen, hunters… anyone who loves the wildness of Maine. However the islands and their wildlife are offshore and many are unaware of this part of their heritage. This film, "Maine's Wild Islands," will introduce viewers to the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge, one of the crown jewels of the National Wildlife Refuge System, a string of pearls stretching along the whole coast from New Hampshire to Canada. The Refuge has been successfully managing and restoring seabird colonies in Maine for 33 years.


"Maine's Wild Islands" is a celebration of wildness and success, and a call to action.

 Please join us!


Video and content © Steve Thomas & David Berez

We are now raising funds to complete this film and need your help!  All of your contributions will go directly to production of this film and its distribution on social media and to schools. To donate to this important project, please contact Tom Goettel at 207-594-5846.



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